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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Anglican Use Liturgy

Those who grew up in the Episcopal or Anglican churches may be right at home with some of the liturgy we use on Sunday mornings.  Even Methodists who know their own traditions will find some language that is familiar.  However, some things will definitely be unfamiliar, and we may trip over strange wording.  Some of the unfamiliarity is caused because various national Books of Common Prayer developed differently in the U.S, Canada, Britain and Australia.  Our liturgy unites the various traditions.  Some of the unfamiliar bits are not from any official Book of Common Prayer but come from Anglican and American Missals – versions of the Anglican liturgy used in some Anglo-Catholic parishes before the liturgical changes introduced after Vatican II.  It is likely that the liturgy we are using is unfamiliar to everyone in some way.  Even so, it is an attempt to preserve and express the Anglican tradition, to create a liturgy that will unite the members of the Ordinariates around the world, and also celebrate a liturgy that is a gift to the Catholic Church

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